Why Lanbl

Lanbl’s Principle:

            Maybe we need to show you again which our superiority is. We are not a manufacturer who is interested in each kind of money. Some kinds of money we do not want to earn. We believe and insist in one rule: Better quality and service, high cost performance can help customer and us survive in the very competitive world. Those one who afford the lowest prices always care nothing about the product quality, they do not care about any further business and service. So in most cases, they will win customer at the first time, but they would not win customer next time. We have been in this area more than 14 years. We have seen much of these situations, some customers search so hard for the lowest price. In the end, they got the lowest price, but when the goods are finished, they all regret to choose such a supplier. Those bad situations are very common in China, especially in YIWU. Sometimes, we will remind that kind of customer, how dangerous it will be to choose those lowest price providers. Most of them would come back to us when they took their first trip of chasing lowest price as a lesson. And we believe, mature and experienced buyer would know how to choose the right product and supplier.


Relationship between price and quality:

            For example, let's get back to the "Cotton Buds", 10g/100pcs and 16g/100pcs means for 100pcs cotton buds, their weight are 10g and 16g. Which means for 80pcs cotton buds in 10g/100pcs, its weight should be 10*80/100= 8g. We have a special recipe for the cotton buds' stick. It means our 16g/100pcs cotton buds are harder than other suppliers' 16g/100pcs ones. Some huge manufacture of cotton buds always knows this secret recipe, but their price is 30%~50% higher than ours, even more.

            One more thing is, to guarantee the quality, our 10g/100pcs ones actually is 11g/100pcs ones, but in 10g/100pcs's price. This means the 80pcs cotton buds in pvc cans are 11g/100pcs ones. This is our lowest quality product, but not for all of the manufacture, ours are in new material, other supplier may afford recycled material. For cotton buds, we do not afford any recycled material types.

            In the end, let us told you a true story which not long ago happened in YIWU: We have one customer who buy this type of cotton buds from other supplier in YIWU in the year before last year, 2009, one 40" HQ. Their price is lower than us, sample seems all right. But in the end when all the goods are finished, the customer is dumbfounded. It's quite different with the sample which that supplier shows to him. The supplier refuses to return the customer's deposit. So the customer suffers the lost alone in the end and then came back to us. This is real characters and real incidents.

            OK, from the above, we are sure that to be a clever buyer, you must have known how to choose your supplier from china.


Ability of solving problems of customs clearance and certificate:

            Rich experience in Customs Clearance and Certificate. Strong problem-solving ability. Flexible and skillful operation. For excellent quality and reasonable price goods, We have more than 10 years experience of commercial intercourse with Russia and Kenya, which are recognized as the most difficult importing countries in customs clearance and certificate as developing country.


Export Dept. Director
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