4 pcs set casserole 2845
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4 pcs set casserole 2845
1,Food-Grade PP,BPA-free
2,Keep Warm&Cold for 4~6 hours
4,Stainless steel inner tank
Stainless steel food warmer 2845

Product Information


Food Grade PP, Stainless Steel

Material free:

Phthalate, melamine, BPA, flame retardants, Nitrosamine, Latex, PVC,


Cadmium, Lead safety

Care instructions:

Top rack dishwasher safe, hand-washing suggested

Dishwasher safe:


Microwave Oven Safe:

No for stainless inner tank and Glass tank

Yes for PP inner tank

As 4pcs set food warmer 2845 is the best selling item in the market of food warmer, there are many suppliers, lanbl insist on good price and good quality while many other suppliers reduce the quality to infringe on the rights and interests of consumers, they will use recycled material , smaller size to gain more profit , please find the differences as below: 

Difference of 2845 good quality 2845

Product Description

These are the most purified containers we have ever made. As one of the Chinese leading food storage container manufacturers, we continue our tradition of supplying the highest quality products with our excellent food containers. We take pride in providing the most durable and safe products for our valued customers. Scientifically-designed for vertical and horizontal stacking, it saves space, protects your food, and streamlines your cabinets, countertops, and more. Lanbl excellent containers keep food fresher longer. No more mess in your lunch box, refrigerator, or freezer they are all leak proof as well. Lanbl plastic containers are very convenient to go from refrigerator to tabletop with clean and attractive designs. The locking system provides equal pressure on all four sides of the hollow silicone seal ensuring tightness. Earth and family friendly these are all BPA free. Feel safe and sound when purchasing Lanbl for you and your family with our Eco-friendly materials.

We have products that can match your lifestyle step for step. With Lanbl’s excellent products by your side, it's not just about enjoying the comforts of home wherever you go, it's also about preserving personal choice.

For fresh and healthy meals on-the-go, you can't beat a genuine Thermos food jar to keep salads, fruit or other cold foods icy fresh until it's time to eat. With Lanbl insulation products, it'll also keep soup piping hot. Made from BPA free materials and easy to clean, it's a great way to make sure meals are as healthy and fresh as possible.

Hot or cold Unbreakable stainless steel interior and Food-Grade PP exterior, Extra wide mouth is easy to fill

All Fit & Fresh products meet FDA regulations for food grade plastic. Stainless steel hot pot is BPA free.

Aroma, Taste & Nutrition All in lanbl's

Stainless steel hot pot with new design locking system, stronger

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