Silicone and PVC with the following
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Silicone and PVC with the following differences

Silicone and PVC with the following differences:

1, The silicone can be passed ROHS certification, is environmentally friendly;
2, silicone soft, feel good, rough PVC products;
3  is quite soft silicone products, PVC products is relatively hard;
4, silicone products : flexibility, PVC-free toughness;
5, silicone products are generally made ​​out of more transparent PVC products do come out will be a solid color.Silicone products, with the fire will be white, the burning smell is relatively small, the product into a powder.PVC products using the fire after products will be black, the burning smell is difficult to smell;
In general, silicone is more environmental, especially in the material for food container. PVC is cheaper. 
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