How to choose cotton buds?
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How to choose cotton buds?


How to choose cotton buds?


How to choose cotton buds from so many suppliers? This is not only a question for cotton buds, but also for many other products. As long as you grasp a principle, you will be ever successful in each purchase. To know the technical details, that’s the key point.


Now, Lanbl will show you how to do it.

Here Lanbl gave an example: choose best cotton buds from the others.

To be better cotton buds, it should be pure for its buds, hard for its stick, healthy for the users.




Pure, faint scent, natural white and without any additive. Many supplier will use additive such as fluorescer to make the buds looks like more white.  But this kind of white is not the natural white, this is harmful to human. Why they have to do this? They do not want to buy the expensive cotton which is pure and good enough for its color. By the way, nice cotton do get a better filling power.




To ensure the users’ safety, stick should be strong enough so that it would not be broken so easily. Here Lanbl recommend the type of 16g/100pcs. In the kind of product, strength and price reach the just right point. Of course, higher weight stick has better strength. As Lanbl are specializing in this area for more than 14 years, Lanbl do have special recipe for stick. Our stick has stronger strength than the other suppliers in the same weight. Which means our 16g/100pcs stick is in the same strength of other suppliers’ 20g/100pcs. 


For mass market, many customers prefer to buy the 10g/100pcs ones, in this situation, Lanbl would offer 11g/100pcs in the price of 10g/100pcs to ensure the customers’ reputation and consumers’ safety.




1, customizable shape of buds;

2, customizable weight of cotton buds;

3, customizable box;

4, customizable length of stick;

5, customizable brand;

6, customizable package;


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